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About BB Recycling

BB Recycling is a Las Vegas scrap metal recycling company that offers dedicated and professional services to commercial, industrial, and construction companies, as well as individuals looking to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Founded by Bert Bors, BB Recycling provides essential service in the Vegas Valley coupled with unrivaled customer service. As a locally owned company, we do all of our processing on-site which means we have multiple resources available to utilize and can promise the most efficient pick-up around.


Bert Bors is a well-respected man in the recycling industry. All through his career at BB Recycling, he was there to assist his customers and the community the best he could. His hard work and dedication is reflected in our "Old School" service of face-to-face customer service and recycling consultation. The value of traditional business is not lost at BB Recycling, where we believe a handshake has meaning. BB Recycling was built from the ground up with a foundation based on Mr. Bors' moral ethics, and we will continue to be there for all our customers' and community's needs. 


We’ve Moved!

Our New address is :

6100 Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89118